Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment Kellyville Ridge

Root canal treatment helps relieve dental pain and save your teeth. One needs a root canal when there is an inflammation and infection in the roots of a tooth.

During the procedure, your dentist, who specialises in these treatments, removes the pulp of the tooth, cleans and files the root canals, and fills the space left after the tooth preparation.

Indications for Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed when the dental pulp and nerve have become inflamed or infected.

Some of the main causes of dental infection include serious decay, damaged teeth, injury, or a poorly placed dental crown or filling.

Infection in the root canal can result in:

  • Redness and inflammation in the face, neck, or head
  • Recessive bone loss around the affected tooth root
  • Drainage problems may spread from the root, forming a hole on the side of the tooth, draining to the gums or through the cheek with a drainage to the skin

One may need root canal treatment if they have the following:

  • Continuous pain in the affected tooth/ trauma to the tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Discoloured/chipped or cracked tooth after an injury
  • Swollen face
  • Painful gums when chewing/ deep decay

The Root Canal Treatment Procedure

If such a tooth is left unattended it can cause severe discomfort or health risks due to infection.

The first step is undergoing an X-ray to determine the condition of the root canals and spot if there are any signs of infection around the root.

Your dentist will then establish whether you need a root canal or an extraction. If a root canal is needed the treatment will continue as follows; a small hole is drilled in the tooth (on the top of the tooth for molars and at the back for front teeth) to access the root canal/ canals of the tooth/ teeth – This is all performed under local anaesthesia to provide a gentle and pain-free experience.

Your Kellyville Ridge dentist will administer local anaesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth.

Anaesthetics may not be needed since the nerve is already dead, but most dentists still numb the area to keep the patient relaxed.

The dentist use specialised endodontic instruments commonly known as dental files, placed in the root canal chamber to remove the infected nerve space. The root chamber is thoroughly cleaned out and disinfected, before an antibiotic solution is placed inside the nerve chamber to help eradicate any remaining bacteria.

Next, the tooth will be drilled, removing the infected pulp, nerve tissues, and other tooth structures. Water is used to flush out the debris.

After cleaning, the tooth is filled. You can have your tooth sealed afterwards, but you can also leave it as it is. Some dentists wait for a few days before sealing the tooth, while others don’t.

The last step is restoration. Dental restorations need to be placed to protect your tooth, prevent them from breaking, and for rehabilitation. Your Kellyville Ridge dentist will discuss with you the need for any additional dental work. 

We recommend finalising the root canal treated with a crown as they tend to become brittle over time and can be subject to fracture due to loss of blood supply to the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment in Kellyville Ridge

At Dental Cube Kellyville Ridge, we are dedicated to providing you with safe and effective root canal treatments with the help of regular check-ups and proper oral hygiene tips provided in our office.

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Root Canal Treatment in Kellyville Ridge

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is root canal treatment pain-free?
Root canal treatment doesn’t cause pain but alleviates it. Modern dental technologies have made the treatment a pain-free experience, many times completed in just one visit.

With the latest methods and anaesthetics, many patients report that they stay entirely calm during the process.

Do I need to undergo a root canal treatment if the tooth doesn't hurt?
Just because a tooth isn’t hurting anymore doesn’t mean it is no longer infected. Root canal treatment is performed to clean the insides of the tooth and stop the spread of infection.
How long does a root canal procedure last?
The procedure typically lasts approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the details of the procedure you’re having and the type of tooth involved.

The treatment can often be finished in just one visit. At times, a follow-up appointment may be required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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