Tooth decay (dental caries) is caused by acids released by bacteria in the mouth. If you don’t follow good oral hygiene or you’re not producing enough saliva, these bacteria can build up on the teeth and form a sticky layer called plaque.

When you consume food and drink containing sugars and carbohydrates, bacteria in plaque also feed on these for energy and release acids as a waste product. These acid attacks wear down tooth enamel, causing mineral loss and forming cavities. This exposes the softer layers beneath the enamel.

Tooth decay can affect people of all ages, but young children are at the highest risk as their teeth are thinner and softer than adult teeth.

Thus, it is important that you maintain your regular check-ups with your dentist to rule out the risk of tooth decay. Book today!


How Do I Know If My Teeth Are Decayed?
  • Toothache or pain when biting
  • Teeth feel more sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks
  • White, brown or black spots on teeth
  • Cavities in teeth

It’s possible to have tooth decay without any obvious signs, so it’s important to keep up with your scheduled dental appointments. By examining your mouth closely, your dentist can detect tooth decay early before it has the chance to cause damage.

If tooth decay is caught early, it can usually be treated before it causes any serious damage to your teeth.

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