Post-op care from your wisdom teeth extraction is the most important part of the procedure. 

Allow yourself to rest after surgery. You will be swollen (and sore) for 2-3 days after surgery, so make sure you schedule the procedure to allow some time away from your normal timetable (e.g. work).

Keep the wounds clean with simple salt water rinses. The stitches that hold the wounds together are placed to ensure that the wounds don’t bleed, that the wound heals faster and that infection risk is reduced. Most stitches used are self-dissolving and do not need to be removed.

Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery Instructions:

1. To reduce wisdom teeth swelling, bruising and discomfort, apply ice packs to the outside
of your mouth for a couple of minutes at a time for two days.

2. Try to limit any food or drink consumption until more than two hours after your surgery.
Once your bleeding stops, you may drink gradually increase your intake of water and soft

3. Try to avoid talking or conversation for at least two hours after your wisdom teeth extraction. Aim to keep your jaw still and rest.

4. Do not touch the extraction site or wound, as this can increase the risk of infection.

5. Bite gently on the gauze pad that your dentist gives you to assist with clotting the blood.
Switch this pad regularly with a clean one when it becomes too saturated.

6. Your body will likely feel extremely tired after the surgery. Sleep as much as possible to
help your body heal.

7. Avoid laying flat by propping your head up with a pillow.

8. Do not rinse your mouth until at least 12 hours has passed since your surgery. After that,
gently rinse your mouth with a cup of warm water with salt five or six times a day.

9. Smoking and drinking alcohol is not advised.

10. Do not engage in physical exercise.

11. Be gentle when brushing your teeth in the days following your surgery. If you dislodge
the blood clot that forms on the extraction site, this can result in dry socket. If you develop
dry socket, you may prolong the recovery period and experience infection and severe pain
for up to 6 days.

12. For wisdom teeth pain relief, your dentist or oral surgeon will prescribe medication to
help with your recovery process.



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