Starting early is the key! Introducing kids to the dental setting at a young age is important to make the experience fun and exciting, for both the child and parent.

Making them comfortable and relaxed is one of our top priorities as babies and small children can sometimes be anxious or agitated when being in a different environment. Dental professionals are well equipped to help make your baby or child’s visit comfortable and gentle.

How to be proactive?

Bringing your child with you while you get a dental check-up, or bringing them in for their own visit is a great way to start.  Very young children may prefer to sit on their parent’s lap or have the parent sit beside them while they get their teeth counted and checked. 

If your child watches you have a simple dental check-up (provided you are calm and relaxed!)  then this can go a long way to helping them feel assured they are in a safe environment.


Do children need to get their teeth checked? 

Like adults’ children can be prone to teeth and mouth issues. The concept of “it’s just their baby teeth it doesn’t matter” is not helpful as there can be significant risk of pain and infection. High levels of tooth decay in children can often continue into adulthood.

child at dentistSome of their favourite sweet treats like candies and soft drinks can do more harm than we realise and it can be very hard to say “no”. We will help you find alternatives and ways to help you prevent decay, abscesses, and toothaches. 


When else should a child be brought in for a dental appointment?  

Accidents happen! Aside from a regular 6 monthly check-up, a child can be brought in when they are in pain or trauma has occurred.


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